Missouri Star Quilt Co. has been Authorized to use the following Trust Guard Seals:


missouriquiltco.com has successfully met both our Daily PCI Security Scanning and Security Verified Requirements as explained below:

Daily PCI Security Scanning :
In order for missouriquiltco.com to qualify for the the Security Scanned seal, they must pass a thorough daily scan of more than 30,000 known vulnerabilities, in accordance with PCI Security Standards. By successfully passing Trust Guard's daily PCI Scans, missouriquiltco.com is able to significantly improve the safety and protection of your information.

PCI Scanning Status: Passed
Scan Frequency: Daily
Last Successful Scan: 2015-09-01

Security Verified : In order for missouriquiltco.com to qualify for the Trust Guard Security Verified Seal, we verify that their website is using at least 128-Bit SSL Encryption on pages where private information can be entered, such as credit cards, Social Security numbers, loan information, etc. and we monitor the SSL certificates expiration.

SSL Expiration Date: 2017-11-24
Issued By: StarField Technologies, Inc.

(Note: All SSL Certificates are generated by third party (Certificate Authorities) companies. If you are ever in doubt about the security of a site, look for https:// in the URL, and also look for a lock symbol at the bottom of your browser. You can click on the lock to view the certificate details.)



Business Verified: In order for missouriquiltco.com to be Trust Guard Business Verified, they must undergo a thorough identification process, including:

Address Verification - The company's address is confirmed via fax or US Mail, using special verification processes - unique to Trust Guard.

Email Verification - An email is sent and received to missouriquiltco.com in order to confirm their support email reponsiveness.

Phone Verification - A phone call is placed to confirm the company's phone number.




Privacy Verified: In order for missouriquiltco.com to qualify for the Trust Guard Privacy Verified seal, we review their Privacy Policy to ensure that they directly address:

3rd Party Disclosure - This statement discloses what information missouriquiltco.com plans on disclosing to 3rd parties.

Private Information Security - This statement informs you as to what type of security measures missouriquiltco.com has in place to protect you, and what they do with your private information (IE. credit cards, social security numbers, etc.), after an order is placed.

Email Usage - This statement refers to what type of email notifications missouriquiltco.com may send you after an order is placed.



Certified: In order to receive a Trust Guard Certified Seal, missouriquiltco.com must meet all of the requirements for the Security Verified, Privacy Verified, and Business Verified Seals, plus a managing member of the company must have their address verified by Trust Guard, in addition to providing an additional phone number and email. All managing member information is kept private, however, it provides Trust Guard with alternative contact options if needed.


We certify that the information we have received from missouriquiltco.com has been verified through public government records and telephone confirmations with the city/municipality of registration.

~Trust Guard

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